Reasons for Huge Increase in Soft Drink Consumption in us

The huge increase in soft drink consumption in the US, can partly be attributed to the flood of soft drink ads in the media, today. Here are a few other reasons that may explain, what may be the underlying cause for the

Recipe Buffalo Chicken Mac Cheese

If you like the flavor of buffalo chicken, you will love this buffalo chicken mac and cheese recipe. It is surprisingly easy to make and great for potlucks, parties, or for a weekday supper. This recipe will make use of

Recipe Braised Turbot Scallops

BRAISED TURBOT WITH SCALLOPS For this excellent and expensive dish you will need the following list of ingredients: 4 100 grams turbot, which have been skinned and filleted 1 large leek 50 ml of double cream 100 grams of baby

Quick Dinner Recipes

The following recipes shouldn’t take more than an hour to prepare at the most. Quick Potato Casserole 1 lb hash brown potatoes; frozen1/2 ts onion powder1 c sour cream1 c cream of mushroom soup1 c Cheddar cheese; shreddedParmesan cheese Mix

Light Beer

Imagine this scenario; you wreck your friend’s car because it has a small defect that he did not warn you about. You have it towed all the way back to his house and you go in to explain the situation.

Product Reviews Nescafe Black Gold Coffee

Black Gold? No, this isn’t a hard-hitting social commentary on the shameful history of the slave trade. Nor is it a whining moan about the revenue from the thick viscous stuff that flows from the North Sea down to London

Quality of Water Affects Taste of Coffee and Tea – Yes

Does filtering water before brewing coffee or tea really improve the taste and quality? Everything, from the quality and temperature of the water to the method of roasting the coffee beans or tea leaves, will affect the finished carafe of

Potato Salad

A good potato salad is a great way of getting some solid carbohydrate in to a salad apart from a pasta salad. Another thing is you can make it a day in advance and it will keep for several days.


Sweet and sour chicken makes a delicious meal for every occasion. It’s very easy to cook and it doesn’t take long to prepare it, within thirty minutes you’ll be seated at the table enjoying your lovely dish! Because of its

How to Store Meats Dairy and Eggs

It is very important to store meat, dairy and eggs properly because those products if spoiled can cause a lot of serious health problems. Improper storage causes bacteria growth in them and that can lead to quite dangerous food borne